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2018 “Sprints & Skins” Event

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Saturday 15th September 2018
South West Sports Centre (LC indoor)
1 Rotary Ave, Withers (Bunbury)
11:15 am
12:00 pm
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Bunbury and Busselton Masters Swimming Clubs

The Sprints & Skins event is over for 2018, you can download the results from here.

The 2015, 2016 and 2017 event results are also still available.

  1. 200m individual medley (qualifier for Splash-for-Cash SKINS); or
  2. 100m Freestyle
  3. 50m Butterfly
  4. 50m Freestyle (qualifier for Freestyle SKINS) - ALL swimmers should enter this.
  5. 50m Breaststroke
  6. 50m Backstroke
  7. 50m 'Random' relay (all swimmers are invited to participate, rules explained on the day)
  8. 50m Handicap Freestyle SKINS (3 rounds @ 3-4 minute intervals, 2 eliminated per round)
  9. 50m TPS Training - Splash-for-Cash SKINS ($210 cash in prizes) 5 rounds all strokes @ 3 minute intervals, 1 eliminated per round. Rounds 1-4 cover all medley strokes (reverse IM order) with freestyle final.

Event Rules
  • Swimmers may enter up to three Sprint events (events 1-5) plus all invited in Random Relay
  • Swimmers will qualify for at most one SKINS event.
  • Fastest 7 Male and 7 Female in 200m IM will qualify for the feature event: Splash-for-Cash SKINS.
  • Freestyle SKINS: 2-4 age groupings – decided on the day to provide the best possible competition.
  • Masters Swimming Australia Rules apply to events 1-5. Separate rules for Random Relay & SKINS.
  • Prizes: ‘Closest to Nominated Time’ by 15-year age-groups (M/F); plus Relay & SKINS winners.
  • Entry fee: $10.00 per swimmer (plus pool entry up to $6.60 paid on the day), spectators free.

For more details download the flyer here.

About the SKINS Event

The South-West SKINS event is a fun event, suitable for everyone. Due to smaller numbers, it is run in a very relaxed atmosphere, with a great afternoon tea and prizes.
This year we have included a choice of a 200m IM or 100m Freestyle as event 1, followed by 50m sprints in any of the four strokes. Swimmers may enter up to 3 sprint events (events 1-5). All swimmers will be invited to swim in the Random Relay, plus we will include as many people as possible in either the Freestyle SKINS or the Splash-for-Cash SKINS events.

Random Relay:

This is a fun relay comprising a mix of traditional strokes and swimming drills to ensure that everyone can enjoy a relay even if they don’t have sufficient swimmers from their club participating to take part in a traditional relay. Swimmers are grouped to ensure as many clubs as possible are represented in each team. Although there is a small prize for the winning team, the emphasis for this event is definitely on “fitness, friendship & fun”!

Freestyle SKINS:

Swimmers who don’t qualify for the feature Splash-for-Cash SKINS event may be grouped according to age-group and 50m Freestyle time to create up to 4 competitive groups. The SKINS format involves a series of three or four (depending on age-group) 50m Freestyle sprints at 3-4 minute intervals, with the slowest 1-2 swimmers being eliminated each round. Each group will likely start with 6-7 swimmers, with 4-5 in round two and 3-4 in the final round. The handicap system gives slower swimmers a head-start of up to 5 seconds to ensure the races are all close and exciting, with everyone having a chance of winning.

Splash-for-Cash SKINS:

This is the feature event of the program and is very exciting for both spectators and swimmers. The fastest 7 men and 7 women from the 200m IM will qualify. The event consists of up to five 50m sprints at 3-minute intervals with the Womens and Mens events alternating each round so there is a race start every 1.5 minutes. Rounds 1-4 consist of each of the four Medley strokes (in reverse IM order), followed by a Freestyle final. There will be a maximum of 7 swimmers in round one, with the slowest swimmer being eliminated each round, until there are 3 swimmers left in the Final. TPS Training has kindly provided $210 to be split as prize money for this year’s event.

Bunbury is a great location, an easy 2-hour drive from Perth with plenty of affordable accommodation for anyone who wants to make a weekend of it. The pool is a superb indoor 50m pool with excellent support facilities and plenty of free parking.

The event offers plenty of prizes via a raffle, many swimmer prizes (including for closest to nominated time in any one of the sprint events by M/F in 15-year age-groups), plus cash and other prizes for the first, second and third place getters in the feature Splash-for-Cash SKINS.

Come and give it a try!

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